Dust on the Steering wheel

My month of cycling to work totaled 386 miles so close to 400 hundred it makes me want to try it again!

Excuses for missing 400 are;

I missed out on one day as I had a doctor’s appointment and I didn’t want to feel rushed so I took the car.

And I missed out on a ride home and a ride to work due to not being prepared for a puncher.

Husband ferried me home and to work with a repaired wheel the next day.


I certainly feel fitter

I feel like I have toned up and lost some weight

It’s a nice sense of community when you see the same people every morning. For some reason it’s a bit more random coming home.

I’m getting used to that junction at Three Bridges and just standing my ground.

I’ve invested in some overpriced gadgets to help me feel safer. Mostly indicators one on each bar end and an attachment for my bag.  I have no idea if the road users around me can see them but if sticking my arm out isn’t doing it anymore for some road users, I’m not too sure what else to do.



cyclebackpacklink to shop

I have also brought some more batteries for my gopro and still toying about the idea about getting a rear facing camera. But with only a small stretch of road of road, and only having one close pass which the local police authority have not said anything about  I’m not too sure it’s worth the investment and the faff of charging and taking it off the bike twice a day.

I’ve also invested in some winter clothing and hope to keep it up over the colder months.

And since I managed to come into work forgetting my office clothes I have now also had to invest in a spare change of clothes and now a life time of office gags involving

“Hey, do you remember the time Jo came to work with no clothes!”

On social media there appears to be some distain towards those who choose to wear cycle clothing.

I would love to dress for the destination not the journey however the 9 miles of mud plays havoc on a power suit.

Here are some snaps just to prove my point. Besides, I also get a bit hot and sweaty. Sign of a good ride.

It’s also been hard work and I have been rather tired.

I’ve had a few days off the bike to recover and hope to keep it up

Maybe every other day?


Things I have learnt;

    • Sticking your arm out to show a right turn may be ignored by the driver behind you
    • A cheap Halfords tail light can survive a fall at 15mph (if not run over by a car)
    • Don’t stick your finger up at cars who have endangered your life this only makes them angry
    • Saying to your colleges that you had no problem with the traffic this morning may provoke some backlash especially when they have been sat in said traffic for an hour
    • Don’t shout abuse at fellow cyclists who go through red lights try educating them instead of
      • “It’s a red light princess,  that means fucking stop!”


      • (catching up with them and educating them) “You know when you go through a red light you’re making us all look bad, do you think you could stop next time?”

Then they will probably start swearing at you.


      • Just feel great because you stopped at the red light and you hold the moral high ground.


Ride on.









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