Forest Way (How to fall asleep on a Brompton)

I’m a regular on the Worth Way which is an abandoned railway line running from East Grinstead to Three Bridges Crawley. Please note, not yet ridden this on Hannibal (my new Brompton)

Legend has it in the late 60’s the house of the campaigning MP backed on to the line and was the reason why it as closed. Whilst this makes any public transport in the direction of Crawley and Gatwick extremely poor it has opened it up for recreational use.

For the first time ever and of course after a lot of nagging we went the other way. East Grinstead to Forest Row, known as the Forest Way or National Cycle Network No.21.


We had a plan to give it a go despite being down hill all the way thus making it uphill all the way home. This is a curse I carry, I’m sure of it.

We were going to treat our self to a slap up fry up at Tablehurst Farm.

My husband turned his nose up at the thought of taking the Brompton so he opted for his mountain bike who’s front hydrolic brake decided to lock up at some point during the ride making it rather hard work.

“Wouldn’t of happened on a Brompton!”

I didn’t have the guts to say out loud because I could tell he was really struggling.

I had no choice but to take mine due to the fact that I had given away my sons rear ride seat the day before.


The path was a mixed media affair but mostly fine gravel and my Brompton with its Kojak’s bombed down it just fine with minimal discomfort.

Of course, the farm shop was shut and I found out that I forgot our water supply and the farm kitchen kindly supplied us with a few mugs of water.


Forest Row is a funny town, full of alternative therapies and alternative living and turns out to be completely shut on a bank holiday.

Lucky the pub we had our wedding reception in was open and some more adequate hydration was had as well as a run around in the play area.


On the way home I noticed that my son was swinging side to side in my arms. He was asleep! I was able to hold him with my left arm and navigate the bike up hill one handed with the right. It was hard work! I only lasted 5 minuets.


We pulled over for a bit to let him recover!


We eventually got home with a lot of winging from the boy, whilst energized and with the garage door open I thought I would get my mountain bike ready for tomorrows commute which was a good shout as it turns out that it has a wobbly rear wheel, possible bearing gone. Clearly has the hump that that I have had two new bikes and writing a on line journal about them!

The new Brompton Hannibal is having some issues with any gears with the minus mark so looks like I will be taking that in as well!



2 thoughts on “Forest Way (How to fall asleep on a Brompton)

  1. The minus gear is crunching away like anything takes about 12 rotaations before it will change. Took it back to Evans who eventually managed to adjust somthing. However minus 3 is a bit moidy still with 3 rotations before it changes again. Its annoying as its a brand new bike. Will have to hit youtube later and look for some videos. Hope it us easy as I have not had much luck tuning a normal bike!


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