London’s Tow Paths

Some times (only some) I go out by myself, just Brompton, no boy.

The mundane job I have to do is starting to get to me, on top of being mundane it is now being micromanaged buy someone whose logical thought process is questionable and is sucking the very sole out of me.

I took a day off for myself jumped on a train armed with my new bike “Hannibal” A flask of coffee, GPS and Kindle.

My route was pre-planned because after having a moan up about micromanagement I do the same thing my self. However its always easier micromanaging your self than someone else micromanaging you.


Full route information can be found here

I used a Garmin 820, but I think a slug with a hangover would of done a better job to getting me out of Victoria. I don’t know what I did wrong but it was incredibly slow to update, it would suddenly say I’m off route after taking the turns it told me to take, and I must of reset it 4 times in the hope that it would get better.

By the time I found the Canal by using a combination of street maps and my smartphone I gave up on the sat nav and just followed the canal.

I was really taken back by the Barges and apartments that lined the Canal

It was my first time seeing a canal which did not involve having a Kebab by Camden Lock.


Even saw some wild Life



I stopped for a rest at Victoria park where I had some coffee by the Chinese Pagoda and took the obligatory “Abandon your Brompton to take a photo of it” moment.

victoria parr

It was this point I decided to do a recce on Queen Elisabeth’s Olympic Park.

There are no photos of this as I found it rather bland and not very remarkable, I might have been in the wrong part of the park but it did not excite me at all.

I’m sure I could of picked up the canal route from here but as I still had no confidence in the Sat Nav I just headed back to Victoria via some very empty cycle lanes towards Isle of Dogs then on to familiar grounds at Bank.

Here is a link to a video I made of the canal journey.

Sadly I forgot to turn my camera back on after coffee.

When I got to the train station I found that I lost my wallet which was a bit of a pisser on a relatively nice day.

Serves me right for taking a day for my self!

I returned home full of energy and rather pleased with my self despite sat nav anger and wallet loss.





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