The Joys of Antidepressants

The above title should be read with absolutely no enthusiasm at all, I think I am trying to be sarcastic, I can’t tell any more.

Just picture me head on desk to one side, a pool of drawl coming out of my mouth, my squished features mumbling todays title out.

Today is the day I pick up my all singing all dancing 6 speed Brompton. It’s above and beyond what I wanted, totally extravagant and a complete indulgence.


I should be excited and planning an unboxing video, or planning various photos of the unpacking process as that was all fanatics do these days.

The worst fad I found myself in was the reusable nappy fad. I found myself on the “Cloth bum” Facebook web site.

Mums would order nappies on line and wait for them to come through the post. It was called “Fluff Mail” They would post a photo of it in the packet then half out of the packet and then completely out of the packet. Really?

And then when the nappies got used for a partially good job, they would post a photo of that nappy full of their precious ones shit and ask “How do I get this one clean?!

And then there was the washing machine detox, photos of washing machines on a detox cycle

Looks like it’s got worst since trolling for a related photo found this one, looks like they now advertise what type of nappies there child wears on the back of the car.



Then there was a “Stash”

They would post photos of the collection of nappies neatly folded or stuffed ready to go.

OK, I wanted to do this, but I restrained myself. The only photo I took of them is when I sold them. And yes it was a bit emotional, defiantly alot more emotional than saying good bye to my oldest sons terry nappies 12 years ago.


It’s the same with irregular choice shoes, look what I brought, Shoe box in bag, shoe box, shoe box lid half off, shoe box lid all off, shoe poking precariously out of box with protective tissue paper still on.

Sighs, look, I know your excited, and you want to share the unveiling, but really?!?

I like to see that I have seen some level of restraint on the Brompton Groups, I like that fact that it’s more about where the bikes have been rather than Brompton Stash photos.

Like I said I get my new bike today and I feel nothing. Nope not a thing. I’m trying to feel pissed off that I’m not excited but I don’t even feel that.

I’m on some medication for long-term depression, at this time I’ m trying to work out if I’m taking;

  1. Too much
  2. Too little
  3. The wrong medication

Just got back from a holiday in Orlando, a great thing about being medicated is that I had no anxiety prior to queuing for the rides. None what so ever. And instead of screaming or feeling fear the rides were fun.

The good news is that rather than being excited about picking up a new shiny Brompton today, I’m more excited about the ride we have planned at the weekend which is after all what it is all about.

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