In approximately a week of owning a Brompton, I had

  • Brought a O bag
  • Brought an O bag mini
  • Joined 3 Brompton Facebook groups
  • Started mentally planning a blog about my Brompton
  • Took it out for a rather smug feeling lunchtime mini ride and took a photo and posted it
  • Nodded approval at a passing fellow Brompton user
  • Decided I would need to prepare the husband in the fact that he if he liked it or not will also be riding a Brompton
  • Decided what my next Brompton bike would be


As for the IT chair, well I had that in my hands before I got the bike!

Whatever the hold the tiny little bike has over you it latches on fast and quick and there is no escape.

I can appreciate even for 1 month on I am still in the honeymoon period I hope it never ends.

I would like to point out that some restraint has been found when it has come to the purchase of tools; I have not rushed into buying that, regardless of wanting it. So it does show I have some self-restraint.

Now, where do I get this tattooed?


2 thoughts on “CULT OF BROMPTON

  1. I’ve had my Brompton for 4 years now, today I have ridden to work with my wife and breakfasted in our favourite cafe, been to the tip twice with my trailer and done some shopping, putting the bike in shopping cart mode and filling up the very useful Brompton basket (highly recommended).
    I’ve also just bought a Bobike front child seat for my 9month grandson which he loves (start them young) and use the bike pretty much every day.
    I love my Brompton – enjoy yours to the full


    1. Hello, thanks for taking the time to comment. I had a look at your site and really admire that you are car free. That is where I would like to be in the future. At the moment rather a slave to my car. My son is 3 and he loves the IT chair. Looking forward to seeing how your Bobike goes however I can’t find a link to follow your posts, any clues on where to look?


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